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The Ad Collector - a.k.a. addshots

Gonzalo Gregori - Creative strategist

MCCANN ERICKSON (France) for Capitaine Plouf

Y&R (France) for Surfrider Foundation

HEREZIE (France) for Zwilling J. A. Henckels Knives

DDB (France) for Trivial Pursuit

Y&R (France) for Keloptic

HEREZIE (France) for Vapona 

HEREZIE (France) for Vapona 

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ROSAPARK (France) for Jardiland Light

ROSAPARK (France) for Jardiland Light

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HAVAS (France) for Gweleo.com

LEO BURNETT (France) for Jeep

BDDP (France) for Foundation Abbe Pierre