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The Ad Collector - a.k.a. addshots

Gonzalo Gregori - Creative strategist

KESSELSKRAMER (Netherlands) for Ecover 

LOWE (Indonesia) for Bango Sweet Soy Sauce

JWT (UK) for KitKat

JWT (UK) for KitKat

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Y&R (Brazil) for LG Hombot

AFRICA (Brazil) for UNESCO

OGILVY (China) for Faber-Castell

HAPPY PEOPLE PROJECT (Turkey) for Koroplast Cling Film

Y&R (Brazil) for LG Direct Drive

Y&R (Brazil) for LG Direct Drive

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FITZROY (Netherlands) self promotion

LEO BURNETT (China) for Staedler

Follow-up to this set: http://adcollector.tumblr.com/post/21960613191/leo-burnett-china-for-staedler